The Catchers

Directed by Edouard Mills-Affif
Produced by Temps noir (Nadège Hasson)

Broadcasters: Public Sénat, Vosges Télévision, Lyon Capitale TV
Support: Région Ile-de-France, CNC – Fonds Images de la Diversité, DICOM, PROCIREP ANGOA, CNC

55′ / 68’ – 2018

Their names are Mouna, Harmonie or Charly, they are between 16 and 20 years old and are school dropouts. By dint of hearing that they are “good for nothing”, they have come to believe it. However, at the PIL (Pôle innovant lycéen), in the heart of Paris, a team of passionate teachers is working hard to bring them back to school and, above all, to reconcile them with themselves. With an alchemy they have the secret of, the teachers rebuild bonds of trust with these teenagers who didn’t want to hear from them anymore. And manage to reveal their hidden talents. We followed them through the autumn.