The Amazons of Versailles

Directed by Jackie Bastide
Produced by Temps noir (Song Pham)

Broadcasters: ARTE GEIE, Equidia Life
Support: CNC , Procirep Angoa

International sales: ARTE Sales

65’ / 52’ – 2013

Bartabas is an equestrian rider, a state direction and the founder of the worldwide known theatre Zingaro. In 2003, he set up his equestrian art academy in the fairy tale decor of the mythical Versailles’ Royal Stables. He welcomes trainees coming from all over the world who, by chance, are mostly women. In this temple dedicated to the Horse God, these new Amazons – moved by their fascination for the Centaur – unravel the secrets of the mystery still surrounding Bartabas…

*Only available in French*