Mandela, Beyond the Myth

Directed by François-Xavier Destors
Produced by Temps noir (Sara Brücker)

Broadcasters: France Télévisions, LCP –
Assemblée nationale, RTBF, RSI, Globosat


International sales: ARTE Sales

52’ – 2019

Mandela, beyond the myth explores the birth of a legend, built in absence of its figure, jailed 27 years earlier. This is the story of a faceless myth, of an international fight against apartheid, popularized by politics and artists from all over the world. But there is an underlying question: is the man will live up the expectations of the icon? Showing Mandela as a master of symbol and how he rallied to his side music, cinema, sport and even the fashion industry, this documentary tries to understand how he incarnated a multicultural and reconciliated South Africa on its own. But what is the role of the Mandela’s legend for the future of this country? This is the fundamental question.