Lost in Traplanta

Directed by Mathieu Rochet
Produced by Temps noir (Sara Brucker)
and Résistance Films

Broadcasters: ARTE France, RTBF
Support:Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,

10×7′ – 2019

Rockie Award – best scripted web fiction – BANFF 2020 (Canada)
Best episodic project – Lighthouse International Film Festival 2020 (New Jersey, USA)
Best digital series award – Festival de la Fiction 2019 (La Rochelle, France)

Atlanta. A clumsy and daydreamer French guy gets dumped by a local chick. The only way to seduce her? Find and bring OutKast back together (!), the mythical Atlanta band, which has been on hiatus for a decade. Poorly informed but very willing, Larry meets the inhabitants and actors of the city’s musical scene, which in a few years had become the new universal capital of Rap. Between Dirty South legends, local celebrities and Trap Music ambitious youngsters, he finds himself immerged in ATL Hip Hop scene. Will he make it to the secret island of Funk, where Big Boi and Andre 3000 are hiding? Or will he get drowned in the turbulent waters of Trap Music?

Selections in festival
FIPADOC 2020 (Biarritz, France)
Jelly Film Festival 2020 (Los Angeles, USA)
Seoul WebFest 2020 (South Korea)
Copenhagen Web Fest 2020 (Denmark)
London Short Series Festival 2019 (United Kingdom)
Geneva International Film Festival 2019 (Switzerland)
Urban Film Festival 2019 – opening film (Paris, France)
Bilbao Serie Land WebFest 2019 (Spain)
IDFA Central pitch (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2018

Best documentary web series – Berlin WebFest 2019 (Germany)
Best webseries SACD award – Marseille WebFest 2019 (France)
Best webseries – Seriencamp (Munich, Germany)