Kubrick by Kubrick

Directed by Gregory Monro
Produced by Temps noir (Martin Laurent &
Jeremy Zelnik) and Telemark

Broadcasters: ARTE France, Ciné+, NHK, SBS Australia, ERT Elliniki Radiophonia Tileorasi, Ceska TV, RTV, RTP
Support: Media Creative Europe, Polish Film Institute, CNC, Nouvelles Technologies, PROCIREP ANGOA, Medimed (The Euromed docs market), European Broadcasting Unit and the Sunny Side of the Doc (2019 Best Pitch Award Art and Culture)

International sales: Mediawan

60′ – 2020

Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest directors in history but one of the most secretive as well. He has done a few interviews within his 50-year career and none has been shot. Sometimes his voice got recorded though. 20 years after his death we could hardly say more about him: his family, his friends, his workers taught us all. And yet something is missing: what about having Stanley talking about himself? For the first time ever, Stanley Kubrick has the floor and he is using it through this documentary. Journalist Michel Ciment -alongside Stanley Kubrick for 20 years- got Kubrick to confide on his art wide life.

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