Dar Taliba

Directed by Edouard Mills-Affif
Produced by Temps noir (Nadège Hasson) and Images du Sud

Broadcasters: France Télévisions, TV 2M Maroc
Support: Département de Loire-Atlantique, CNC, PROCIREP ANGOA

International sales: Visible Film

52’ / 60′ – 2019

Special mention of the Jury – Ahmed Attia Award –
Medimed 2020
Fidadoc (Agadir) 2020

At the Dar Taliba boarding school, there is no alternative: you have to do well in school. “We are ashamed of the girls who do not do well,” Mrs. El Hajji, the school’s director, emphatically says to the 150 adolescent girls she sought out one by one in the villages surrounding Amskroud in southern Morocco. Before each new school year, Mrs. El Hajji travels the countryside to convince parents that their daughter will have a better life if she goes to school.