Calamity Jane, Wild West Legend

Directed by Grégory Monro
Written by Flore Kosinetz and Gregory Monro
Produced by Temps noir (Song Pham)

Broadcasters: Arte France, TV5 Monde
Support: EU Media Plus Program, CNC ,
Procirep Angoa

International sales: ARTE Sales

82’ / 52′ – 2014

Palm Beach Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Black Hills Film Festival

Août 1901. August 1901. On a train heading back west, an old woman, lonesome and tired. She fought the Indians alongside Custer, witnessed the birth of Deadwood and was close friends with Buffalo Bill. She was the terror of the plains, the outrage of the saloons, the oddest of her kind. But no one ever knew who she really was. Her name was Martha Canary, her name is Calamity Jane.