Brad Pitt, More than a pretty face

Directed by Thibaut Sève and Adrien Dénouette
Coproduced by Temps noir (Martin Laurent) and ARTE France

Broadcasters : Arte, Ciné +, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Foxtel, Ale Kino, Planet + Poland, Société Radio Canada, RTBF and RSI
Support : CNC and Procirep Angoa

Distribution : ARTE Distribution

52’ – 2022

Have thirty years of an exceptional filmography been enough to make us forget the blond cowboy of Thelma and Louise? Fifteen minutes that placed Brad Pitt’s career under the sign of a glamorous affair, key to his global success as much as his burden. From film to film, Brad Pitt will try to break this image, putting his star status at the service of the greatest American authors and his dream of cinema.